A photo of Ealing Abbey Counselling Service

EACS accepts applications for voluntary counsellor placements throughout the year. We hold recruitment workshops or group interviews spread throughout the year.  We do not have paid counselling positions.

We occasionally are able to offer two assessor placements a year to counsellors already at EACS who would like the opportunity to broaden their experience while also earning a nominal remuneration.  Placement assessors are part of the assessors team which currently comprises 5 qualified practitioners. 

We have up to 19 supervision groups offering monthly support to our placement counsellors. The groups are eclectic, with both counsellors and supervisors coming from a variety of training modalities. This provides a rich mixture of approach and experience, allowing our practitioners to share and learn from one anotherís different style.  Our supervisors are senior, qualified practitioners. 

We offer two interesting Continuing Professional Development workshops each year, covering topics not normally part of standard counselling/psychotherapy training programmes. The seminars are a good opportunity for people to meet other practitioners, supervisors and assessors as well as enhance learning and development.  These seminars are also open to friends and colleagues outside of EACS but EACS practitioners pay a significantly reduced rate to attend.