Womens' Anger Management Group

"Transforming Anger into Creativity" - A Group for Women

Anger is an innate force, essential for our survival.  It is only when we fail to understand and harness anger that it may turn into aggression.  Lack of awareness about anger may result in disrupted relationships with self and others, leading to isolation and helplessness. 

Anger has always been considered a male quality.  This attitude can leave women feeling unfeminine and unnatural whenever they express anger.  Many women try to hide their anger, 'bottling it up' and suppressing themselves.  Other women direct anger towards themselves (by over-eating, self-harming, abusing alcohol) - or towards people they see as an extension of themselves, such as their children or partners.

Anger may present itself in many forms.  It can become a powerful, uncontrollable rage, a constant frustration about everything, or a lack of energy and joy for life.  Anger may affect all areas of our lives, and most importantly it may block our expression, creativity and self-realisation.

This Group will help you to:

Develop your understanding about the roots of your anger
Become more aware of the emotional, physical and relational manifestations of yoru anger
Learn how to channel anger to creative, meaningful acts of self-improvement
Review your lifestyle and decide about letting go of what does not server you any more
Improve your communication skills
Turn aggression into assertion
Develop your problem-solving strategies

Group Facilitators:

This group will be facilitated by Effie Soultani, an experienced psychotherapist with substantial groupwork experience, and co-facilitated by Jacqui Annett-Priestley, psychotherapist. 

Course Fee:

The course fee is 20 per day (100 in total).  Reduced fees available for unemployed women (please enquire). 

Course Dates:

To be Confirmed

For more information and to book an assessment session, please contact EACS on 020 8998 3361